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Artist Statements​

New York Stock Exchange Project



This series of multimedia, constructed photographs visually maps our participation in the New York

Stock Exchange utilizing Ralph Nelson Elliott’s Elliot Wave Theory.  The goal of the project was to

engage in a volatile financial market, test an economic theory, and provide a visual formula that

represents the Elliot Wave methodology.


Ralph Nelson Elliott proposed that crowd psychology, not economic fundamentals, was the key

factor that moved the stock market. Elliott showed that the degree of crowd psychology was

observable on a subminuette level up to a multi-century Grand Supercycle. He proposed that these

“waves” of optimism or pessimism could be measured and predicted through the Fibonacci number


Hung, Drawn, and Quartered



In this series of collaborative images, we are investigating the dichotomy that exists

between the natural systems that function within the world against the human systems, which

attempt to modify, control, and improve upon these natural systems of order.  The images

investigate the underlying factors behind these conflicts, question the Western idea of progress, and

examine the cause and effect relationships that these systems have upon one another. The images

are influenced from anthropological writings, the history of technology and science, religious texts,

philosophy, and direct observations. The work is created from varying mediums including: hand

crafted charcoal and ink drawings, gouache painting, sculpture, digital film, and photographic


In the Shadow of Giants
MFA Thesis

The multi lateral play world represented in this body of work serves as a metaphor for the

evolution of existing political, social, and environmental structures.  My symbolic characters depict

the power relationships and cultural struggles within civilizations between authoritarian organizations

and the individual.  The “giants” are portrayed as central authority figures and as abstract,

environmental vessels illustrating the inherent characteristics of human nature shadowing the

freedom of individual choice.  When placed in hostile situations or unconventional group

surroundings, my creatures expose the innate personality traits in which all humans are liable. These

paintings raise questions about ideologies, the destructive cycles of society, and the disappearance

of individual moral responsibility.

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